Its 8:45 pm and I'm still at work

Not because I have work to finish; but because my work depends on others and they
- start after work after 1100 am
- waste time until lunch on gmail/ facebook / stupid discussions
- take 2 hour lunches
- start being productive only at 3:00pm

How the heck am I to finish up at 5:00 or 6:00 pm?

Did I finish?

yes !! I managed to do all I sought out to do over the weekend.

Plans for the weekend

  • take kids for a Chinese New Year Lion Dance before the shows stop playing
  • take husband out for dinner - tomorrow's the 10th anniversary of the day we were engaged
  • buy clothes
  • buy vegetables and groceries
  • sleep, time permitting
  • attend the dance class after a break of almost 2 months
  • take Prof to his baseball class
God! I almost don't want the weekend. Weekdays are so much easier.

Thank You

Quality of time that I spend with my kids has improved though the amount of time I spend with them has dramatically gone down.
I find myself cuddling them a little more; being a little more patient and screaming a lot lesser.
I like the fact that m boys run to give me a hug and a cuddle as soon as I'm back from work; or that they wait for me when I am back late.

They tell me they want time from me; and when I make the time to read a book or to tell a story or just cuddle before I tuck them in bed; they appreciate it

I'm so lucky... I enjoy the work I'm doing; and everyone in the family is coping well :)

Is your Car a Cow ?

CEO can still not pronounce the sound of "R" very well. He replaces it with the sound of "O"...
Being a boy, he's very fascinated with cars; and frequently has conversations with his father about our car -
  • Daddy, where is your cao?
  • Daddy, how fao can your cao go ?
  • Daddy, can I drive your cao ?
  • Daddy, why don't you have a blue cao ? I don't like silver...

This reminds me of my nephew, Karan, who could not produce the sound of "S" and replaced it with "F". Obviously we had fun -

  • Do you want "foff" with your food
  • Can you "fart" the "footer"
  • I want to do "fu-fu" & potty...
  • The "fun" is "fining" in the "fy"

Oh... this takes me back. I almost want CEO to continue a bit longer...just so that I can make sure how fao does my cao go!


Sometimes I feel CEO is getting too attached to Kaka, my helper at home.

There's no denying that they both have a soft corner for each other - more than they have for others...
I like to think I'm a pretty secure human being; but I must confess that sometimes I do feel left out and jealous...But at 3, CEO is too small to be able to understand that he can incite these feelings in me...
My only way to cope is to talk to myself rationally; and use a dialogue from the movie - "The Sound of Music" :
You have a great capacity to love, Maria ! Just because you love this man, does not mean you love God any less...

And I tell myself... Just because my son loves Kaka; it doesn't mean he loves me any less !

I hope I am right...


Today, happened to look out of the window of my apartment; and was thrilled to see rain approaching.
Yes, I'm not kidding. In Malaysia, you can actually see rain approaching. Specially if its a really heavy downpour.
In less than 3 minutes, 1-Utama shopping Mall had disappeared from sight. Visibility fell to less than 100 meters; and all you could see was rain...

45 minutes later, the sun was shining with the vengeance. If you didn't see the wetness of the trees and the buildings and the road; you'd swear that it had never rained.
There's no waterlogging. No puddles. No drains overflowing.
Just a sense that everything around you has just had a bath.
Just lush greenery.

One of the many reasons that I love Malaysia...

What happened ?

Actually, lots in the last 2 months...
but that's not the reason I stopped blogging.
I just got lazy!

I now have a job...
So instead of whining about being unemployed, I just whine about struggling to cope between home & office.

But in other ways, my life has taken a sharp turn -
  • FROM "how to steal time for myself" TO "how to maximize time with kids"
  • FROM "how to control my shopping" TO "how to make time for shopping"
  • FROM "I made cake / bread / food / whatever" TO "When will I ever cook again"
  • FROM "Hi, Friend !! " TO "Hi stranger!!"
  • FROM "Daily exercising" TO "What? Exercising ???"
  • FROM " I hope kids go to bed early today" TO "Why didn't they wait for me to tuck them in bed ??"
  • FROM "Screaming at kids" TO " Screaming at team"
  • FROM "Make up once in a year" TO "Make up daily"
  • FROM "Having fun at home" TO "Having fun at work!"
:) :) :)
Happy !!