Looking through the Crystal Ball

How I'd like to see my future unfold
  • Grow old together with the Lord & Master
  • Be able to excite each other - physically, intellectually & emotionally
  • See my kids grow up happy & confident to take on the world - much like I was (ahem!)
  • Be healthy & financially independent
  • Be able to read books, watch plays, travel & explore the world
  • Be able to support my kids - not financially but definitely emotionally
  • Have good friends to spend an uncomplicated evening with- don't need too many; but need good ones
  • Be able to maintain the closeness I share with my brothers
Too much to ask for? Should I have said healthy, wealthy & wise?

Hmmm, I don't know; but I think not!

Trouble Ahead

Going through turmoil in my life
I can see a road sign - Trouble ahead. Take care.

I know strife is good for you. I know it builds character
I know we look at strife as a way when God is testing you.

My one submission to God.
My character is built enough.
Stop all this testing.
Let me see something positive. Soon


Books are the bane of my life

Books are the bane of my life

Books don't let me sleep

Books dont let me play

I burn the food, I allow the milk to overflow

I don't want to talk to my husband

or the kids

or the neighbours

I don't want to walk

or run or exercise

I don't make my bed

I don't sleep

I am late for work

I dont pick up calls

I don't want to cuddle

I don't care if you've eaten or not

or if you want something to drink.

Books are why my son ignores me

and my husband too

They tell me go away & not appear

till they have finished their reading

They don't want to chat

or go out & play

or tell me what they did all day

Books make me aware

Books make me wonder

Books make me think, think thoughts sometimes I'd much rather not think

Books make me yearn to have more, more & some more

When I don't have books

I read brochures

I read menus

I read recipes

Why, I even found myself reading the fineprint

Tell me again why books are good for you?

Books are the bane of my life.