As part of Professor's school assignment, he has to make a list of milestones of his life, together with suitable pictures.

This morning I rummaged through cupboards I never open & sorted through pictures of Professor as a baby. The whole experience was unnerving because I'd forgotten so many things - how he looked like a baby, how he smiled... That he was a nicely rounded baby (though we always had dadu fretting that he wasn't plump enough), his favourite toys, his crib, his high chair, his clothes. Things that have been long passed on to friends who were expecting babies. Things that CEO now considers his. That he had baby fat cheeks, that there was a time that he didn't wear glasses... That he was born just 50 cms tall and could fit into the palms of his father. The curious expression on his face during the mundan, or the simple pleasures of sitting in my shoe drawer. Playing with freshly washed clothes; or enjoying a watermelon with juice dripping all over.

Oh how frail is human memory. How is it that I've forgotten stuff that's less than 5 years old...


Tenacity = Not taking no for an answer. Persisting till you get your way.

CEO = Ma, Can you read me thees story?
(Ma normal. )
Ma = No.

CEO = Maa, Can you read me thees story?
Ma still normal. Slightly distracted.
Ma = Hmm... In a little while

CEO = Maa, Can you read me thees story? Now ? Pleeeez
Ma trying to be rational
Ma = CEO, Not now. Sweety, I'm reading my book (or cooking or watching TV).

CEO = Maa, Can you read me thees story?
Ma getting irritated
MA = CEO. I said NO!

CEO ignores all obvious signs.
CEO = Maa, Pleez Ma. Can you read me thees story?
Ma totally lost it. She hasn't read more than 3 lines on her book since this conversation started.

CEO = Pleez Ma. I ask sho nicely. Why you don' wan' to read. Ma, can you read me thees book ?
Ma gives up.
Grudingly Ma = OK. Come! Ek baar ek farmer was working in the field.....

Packing for a typical road trip

It all depends on the duration we'll be in the car. This one is when its a 2-3 hour car trip. You DON'T want to know what I pack when we go on longer trips. All this goes into one bag, which the adults lug around on their backs when not in the car.

Apple - 2 no.
In seperate ziploc bags

Guava - 2 no.
Also in separate bags. With Black salt easily accessible

Grapes - Angoor Angoor!
Definitely not in ziploc bags. They get squished.

Biscuit sticks.
Option 1: Buy 2 sets of chocolate flavour. Advantage : No fighting in the car.
Option 2: Buy one chocolate + one strawberry. Disadv : Both might not want the strawberry. Adv : If one is "borrowing" from the other, he can be caught brown-or pink-handedly.

1 bag + 2 empty containers. Small

1 bag. Use the empty containers already in the bag

Biscuits (Salty) + Indian Namkeen
For Dadu

Water. 4 bottles.
1 Legoland bottle. For CEO
1 bottle with whale picture. For Professor. That way, ma, the water doesn't drop on me...
2 large bottles. For adults. Plenty of paper cups. Sometimes with a pen to write names on.

Apple Juice - no added sugar
For Amma

Coke - Diet
For Husband & Self

Cold Coffee
For self

Coke or Sprite - Regular. Add Yakult, if available.
For kids

Straws. Flexible. Plenty. All colours.

Strawberry Yoghurt. With small steel spoon. Mismatched ones
Actually 2 no. Sometimes Prof wants it too...

Totally unhealthy potato chips
For husband. He's on a holiday.

Poori + Potato + Achar rolls
For the grandparents

Poori +Potato
For Professor

Poori + Don't wan' anything

Leftover of Poori rolls
for Husband

Hand sanitizer.
To clean hands after every possible dirty surface has been lovingly caressed by the boys.

Let's not even count them.

Wet wipes
For the kids to clean their seats with, when they can NOT be entertained with anything else.

J&J Powder, Baby Cream, Comb, Mosquito repellent, Towel.
For you-never-know-when-you-might-need-it. Ma's one cautious lady.

1 set of underwear + pants
For CEO. I got wet. Don' like. Don' like!

2 toys that have been out of sight for a while
Typically, the Matchbox series of cars / airplanes / 'elicopper

1 large garbage bag.

1 dirty rag

Old newspapers

For kids. For adults. To be played in turns.

Loads of it.

CEO spake

Why you not listening to meeeee ?
Can you get off the laptop chair and read me thees book? Now? Now?

Professor is ill with flu-like symptoms. No school. At home. Napping.
CEO is sleeping like the baby he often pretends to be.
The house is quiet.

Its a perfect time to do...and I don't know what to do


Getting itchy feet. Want to go somewhere...

so much in this world I haven't seen.

A demanding life

1. Make jelly - MANGO not strawberry.
2. Make black cookies - put in lots of chocolate.

...before I'm back from school.

What I'm reading now?

Andrea Aunty ka Mobile Phone

The typos are on purpose. That's what CEO calls the books. I read them day in & day out. Night & Day. While awake & in my sleep.

Silver Linings

I have a cold. A pretty painful throat. Don't want to speak.

Decided to teaching Professor how to mime. No words at all. Considering he's soooo loud most of the time, my ears are feeling the relief too. Blog's happy too. Hadn't seen me for a while...
Husband comes home & gives me a hug before he does anything else...

Names for my kids

Someone asked me recently why don't I use my kids' names on my blog. So I've decided to use the names that they are known by at my husband's office.

Kid # 1 : Name - Professor aka Arjuna
Aged 6. My first born. Smart, handsome & dedicated to the cause of learning

Kid #2 : Name - CEO aka Krishna
Aged 3. Different from Professor as chalk is from cheese. Charmer. Naughty. Diplomat.

MJ's Funeral

Why hasn't Michael Jackson been buried till now. Its been 2 months since the poor man died. Do you think he would have wanted to be kept this way. Call me old fashioned, but I rather like the Hindu philosophy of getting rid of the body asap :)

Ok boys, so listen up. If I'm dead & you're confused what to do with me; come back here and read these instructions -

  1. Donate whatever you can from my body.
  2. Do NOT wait until my birthday. Please do not bury me (I wouldn't want to get accidentally dug & scare the heck out of a little kid). Cremate me asap. Preferably in a way that is environmentally friendly. Don't worry about the ashes. Junk them anywhere. It won't matter to me, remember, I'll be dead.
  3. Take a holiday - on a beach. You guys liked playing with the sand...but wait ! That's now when you are both sub-5. Do you still like that?
  4. Do not have a tervi. Do have a party.
  5. Get on with life.

Nothing to say?

This morning I decided that I have to write something. I don't have anything particularly to say. But I do want to write. Its very easy to fall into a writing limbo and then days pass and you realize that your blog is sitting there waiting... Not to mention all my 'n' readers. Since I was a math student, my natural inclination is to say that it becomes a severe problem since n tends to infinity...but the unfortunate fact is that since 'n' just tends to 10 (at most- by stretching really, really hard) the issue of my writing is actually a non-issue.

But I digress. This post is not about how many people read this blog; but about blogging! So why should I sit here and talk about where n tends to 10,or 20 or anything at all. I must just say that even though I have nothing to say, I must continue writing.

BTW, I don't know if you noticed, but there is zero content in this post as of now. But what the heck. The mails I've been reading lately could win essay competitions in school (remember how you struggled to fill up the pages) but actually say nothing at all.

No activity lately?

Sorry! Just been too demotivated to write