You know you've been married long enough when...

…Your husband takes one look at you and asks you what’s wrong.
... He takes one look at you and quietly takes himself AND the kids away
... You tell him to not talk to you, he actually doesn’t.
... You know it's best not to take him shopping for you / him / kids or the house
... When decisions about kids, holidays, weekends become one- person's.
...When you often say, Yes Life is unfair, Look at Me !!
… You stop comparing parents /siblings
… You call each other only because you want the other to do something. And almost all conversations start with Achha, lis-sen…
… After a few days at parents/in-laws, you are so happy to be back in your own home.
… You can get through an entire day without talking to each other and you haven’t even had a fight.
… Every once in a while, he apologizes without even needing to know why.
… You talk to his parents more often than he does; and you enjoy the conversations.
… He doesn’t take your call at work and doesn’t apologize.