Huh ?

I like nature trips because they are such good fun in such little money.

Thinking ...
I LIKE nature trips because they are such good fun in such little money ?
Huh? Ye--es

I like NATURE trips because they are such good fun in such little money.

I like nature trips because they are SUCH GOOD FUN in such little money.

I like nature trips because they are such good fun in SUCH LITTLE MONEY.

(cheep cheep ! cheap cheap !!)

A little less than a Stranger?

Have you ever wondered that there are so many people in our life who we don't know, yet we know. The milkman, the paper delivery boy, the cashier who works at the neighbourhood grocery, the vegetable vendor, and so on...

And what about the people you pass by regularly. People who cross your way as you both exercise everyday. Or the people you meet in the lift at office or at home.

Are these people strangers ? Well, of course they are ! They aren't even simple acquaintances. You don't know their names or what they do. Whether they are married or single; with or without kids. You have no idea where they live. You are clueless about their life; what makes them happy or sad. And you definitely won't be okay if your kid walked away with one of them.

Yet in other ways these people aren't totally strangers. They aren't faceless. You acknowledge their presence with a smile; and sometimes not at all; but you soon start recognizing them. You somehow seem to expect them and when they are missing, you're startled. You take a moment to stop and wonder what happened to them - why aren't they where they should be at this time ? Is something the matter ?

So who are they to us ? I've wondered about this - and the best explanation I could come up with was a-little-less-than-a-stranger.

How does a balloon deflate ?

Got a haircut. Chopped off 3 inches from my shoulder-length hair. And, coloured it RED.

Friends loved it.
Said I look younger.
Me delighted.
Me excited.

Me : Husband, notice anything different ?
Husband : Of course ! I can tell. You changed your earrings, didn't you ?

Dr, why ?

Why are doctors so obsessed with the fact that they are doctors ? I got thinking about this after I received a wedding invitation recently -

Dr (Mrs) X and Dr. Y would like to invite you to the wedding of their son Dr Z to Dr (Miss) A; daughter of Dr (Mrs.) B and Dr C on blah, blah, blah....

Please ! Someone please explain to me - when 2 persons are getting married; what does being a Dr have to do with it ? Is the identity of each of these people defined by being much that your name can not be said aloud unless you attach a Dr to it ?

Is life henceforth going to be -
Hi Dr, I'm home !
Dr, pass me the ketchup
Dr, my sweetheart, I love you, please don't be angry with me
Dr, you have to pick up the kids after school today
Dr, we need to talk

And if that isn't enough, why is it that women feel the need to attach the extra Mrs or Miss after the Dr ? So why should you have Dr (Mrs) Blah Blah or Dr (Miss) Blah Blah ? Why do you need to announce your marital status to the world. What does that have to do with doing a job ?

Someone, please please explain this to me.

Fell off the wagon

Lots of stuff happening in life...or may be its in my mind... I'm not sure; but whatever it is, apologies for falling off the wagon.

Am trying to get back on; and concentrate on writing.
Excuse the erratic-ness (??)