What happened ?

Actually, lots in the last 2 months...
but that's not the reason I stopped blogging.
I just got lazy!

I now have a job...
So instead of whining about being unemployed, I just whine about struggling to cope between home & office.

But in other ways, my life has taken a sharp turn -
  • FROM "how to steal time for myself" TO "how to maximize time with kids"
  • FROM "how to control my shopping" TO "how to make time for shopping"
  • FROM "I made cake / bread / food / whatever" TO "When will I ever cook again"
  • FROM "Hi, Friend !! " TO "Hi stranger!!"
  • FROM "Daily exercising" TO "What? Exercising ???"
  • FROM " I hope kids go to bed early today" TO "Why didn't they wait for me to tuck them in bed ??"
  • FROM "Screaming at kids" TO " Screaming at team"
  • FROM "Make up once in a year" TO "Make up daily"
  • FROM "Having fun at home" TO "Having fun at work!"
:) :) :)
Happy !!


ggop said...

Your second innings in work life. Nice to be back.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your employment.

Life 2.0