Is your Car a Cow ?

CEO can still not pronounce the sound of "R" very well. He replaces it with the sound of "O"...
Being a boy, he's very fascinated with cars; and frequently has conversations with his father about our car -
  • Daddy, where is your cao?
  • Daddy, how fao can your cao go ?
  • Daddy, can I drive your cao ?
  • Daddy, why don't you have a blue cao ? I don't like silver...

This reminds me of my nephew, Karan, who could not produce the sound of "S" and replaced it with "F". Obviously we had fun -

  • Do you want "foff" with your food
  • Can you "fart" the "footer"
  • I want to do "fu-fu" & potty...
  • The "fun" is "fining" in the "fy"

Oh... this takes me back. I almost want CEO to continue a bit longer...just so that I can make sure how fao does my cao go!


Anonymous said...

Gud to see u r back at it! Vinnie