Today, happened to look out of the window of my apartment; and was thrilled to see rain approaching.
Yes, I'm not kidding. In Malaysia, you can actually see rain approaching. Specially if its a really heavy downpour.
In less than 3 minutes, 1-Utama shopping Mall had disappeared from sight. Visibility fell to less than 100 meters; and all you could see was rain...

45 minutes later, the sun was shining with the vengeance. If you didn't see the wetness of the trees and the buildings and the road; you'd swear that it had never rained.
There's no waterlogging. No puddles. No drains overflowing.
Just a sense that everything around you has just had a bath.
Just lush greenery.

One of the many reasons that I love Malaysia...


Anonymous said...

We just recently moved and the thunderstorms quite loud, but nothing compares to the storms in KL. I really look forward to them when we move to the area.

Life 2.0

Anjali said...

Sounds lovely. :)