An ode to my boss

What should a boss do
  • Teach
  • Guide
  • Be fair
  • Appreciate
  • Lead
  • Inspire
  • Take care
  • Protect
  • Listen
  • Fight for his people
Boss, You did all of this. For me. If you ever read this, please know that you've been one of the best bosses I ever had. All the very best.

Questions Questions

Discussion between Son (aged 7) with Mother (aged "you've got to be kidding me!!!")
Time: 5 minutes before falling asleep. AFTER prayers. AFTER bed time story. AFTER threats.

"Ma, how long did you take to find daddy ?"
I married him within a year of meeting him

"No, Ma...How long did you wander around before you found daddy and married him?""
5 years

"You took 5 YEARS TO FIND DADDY? Hmmm, You didn't give up, did you ?"