I don't understand opening a Children's library in the condominium can be detrimental to the residents.

What's to debate? That...
  1. might get exposed to Books? Ugh...what a nasty thought
  2. ...they might learn to read & exchange ? Oh No!!!!
  3. ... why is someone doing this for altruistic purposes ? How can that be - If you're making money, you're evil; if you don't want to, there's something wrong with you...
  4. irrelevant that a lot of mothers are excited about it? Do they know as much as we do?
Of so many tough decisions to make, this looks like the toughest.
Puzzled and perplexed...

Violent Thoughts

Thinking of killing my roomie...
She knows why!

Having Kids

I was having a discussion with some friends recently on having kids; and here's my two-pence worth.

Having kids, in my opinion, can never be a rational decision - it has to be a totally emotional one. Anyone who's had kids can vouch that having kids can totally disrupt your life.
  • Spontaneity goes for a toss, you can't go pubbing every night, can't work like a dog till 10pm day in & day out ; so there can be no social reasons to have kids.
  • The little monsters are expensive so it can't be a financial decision
  • They often sleep between the parents; or try their best to play one off the other; so it can't be that having kids helps your marriage :)
  • There are no guarantee that they'll take care of the parents, so it can't be investing in the future.
So why do people have kids? Well, because they just want to !

Everything is waived off with "I don't care... I just want a child!"

See? Purely emotional reasons.

Why Marriage?

Have often wondered if Marriage is the be-all and end-all of a person's life.

I know of a lady whose boyfriend recently asked her to marry him. She was ecstatic. I was obviously happy for her, but puzzled too. Puzzled, because the couple has been living together for 5 years now. So I am left wondering what's changing in that relationship. You continue to live in the same house; behave in the same way; live life the same way; love & fight the same way...

Then what changes does marriage bring in a situation like this? Why is it that we desire marriage so much ? Is marriage an acknowledgment of the relationship or is it the formalization? Is it a way to legitimize ? Is it that we're so conditioned by society where marriage is seen as a parameter for success in personal life? Is it that we subconsciously are thumbing upto society & saying - there! see I'm married too, so get off my case now!

What do I get out my marriage? Companionship & love; an exclusive right on the guy :), a legitimacy for the sex :) and of course buying legitimacy for the children. Is everyone seeking that?

I don't know! And I honestly don't know whether I'd have been equally happy with my relationship had I not been married. I know its a moot point; but I can't stop thinking about it...In my 20s, even at my most confident, I was less confident than I am now; more worried about people's reactions, more amenable to "adjusting" with society. Now as I inch on towards 40; I see a more "I don't care" attitude in myself. At this lifestage, I probably wouldn't worry too much with a live-in relationship; but one never knows.

A huge swing

How can I go from "Happy & Content" to "Mad & Irritable" in a gap of 3 minutes ?

Do I blame me or my mother-in-law?

Well, I'm only human - It was HER!!!!


... do Mums wait for schools to reopen ?

- Because they need to see the light at the end of the tunnel... else they might just kill the kid or themselves...

There go my hopes!

Me : Son, do you think you want a little sister
Him : No.
Me : No? Why not?
Him : I think 3 kids is too many for you to manage.



... is it that kaka can get the little one to sleep in 30 seconds; when I can keep trying for an HOUR and have absolutely NO success ! AAArghhhh

In case you are wondering, Freddie is still dead!

Yes, he is!
Noooo! He's not coming back!

I am still here, does it help?

Talk about Sensitivity

This morning 8:00AM, Kid #1 is doing some studies (under some SEVERE duress, I must add)

Girlfriend : Mum, Freddie died!
Me : Oh no ! Are you sure ?
Kid #1 : (running) Where ?Where ? Show me !
Girlfriend starts cleaning up...
She & I have a conversation about how kids might me upset...

30 seconds later
Kid #1 : Ma, Can I call Daddy? I have to tell him something important.
Me : Sure, go ahead.
Kid #1 : Daddy, Freddie died. Well, he was very old, you know. More than 2 years old. That's very old for a fish. Daddy, can you get me a new goldfish when you come home today?

Me = Mouth open
Freddie isn't even cold in his grave yet !!!

New Look

Have a new look! A makeover ?
Got it from Deluxe Templates
I love it!
Do you?

Don't worry about my feelings

Ma, I really don't want to spend time with you. Can I go & sit with Daddy ?

Ma. My brain is more clever than yours...So you must listen to ME.

Ouch! And he's only 5. Wonder what I'll hear when he's 15...


Good to be back home.
Freddie's playing dead. He refuses to move even when I knock on his glass bowl. I know he's alive but barely so now. Worried that he's on his last legs now.

Kids delighted to be on home ground again, with Girlfriend's undivided attention....the books have been lovingly re-read, the toys met & greeted; each room stomped by & cluttered.

Mixed feelings...
Home sweet home v/s trip over too soon. I wasn't ready for it just yet! Some days wasted. Some felt too short & others too long..

Husband ?
Don't know. He's currently snoring away in bed.

My mood today

annoyed & exasperated