The To-Do for 2013

The small and big things I need to achieve this year. In no particular order. 
My goal was to write 25; but I ran out of things to do. So if you have ideas, plis to tell !! I cant stop myself from putting items of this list into 3 categories - to organize my life better; retain stuff that's important to me; and, ways in which to challenge myself. So here goes -
1. revive my blog. perhaps rename it. MusingsinKL makes no sense when I am sitting in Bombay. Yes, Vinnie, I can see you nodding your head and thinking-I said so, and she didnt listen !! So help me figure out a new name for the blog. PS: Revival means -one blog post every fortnight sustained for at least 4 months? Acceptable? 

2. Get my bank accounts and all my paperwork into order. Sigh...this one will be tough. Daddy !!!

 3. Move towards writing the book. I already know I want it to be a kids book -for kids aged 4-7 years. Find a illustration artist who I can gel with. I know none yet. 

4.Take Arjun to Disneyland to bring in his first double-digit birthday 

5. Go out on atleast ONE date a month with the lord-and-master.
Go out on a nice family lunch once a month without snarling at kids / husband or questioning my own sanity. 

 6. Attend at least one wedding. In the 12 years since I've been married, i've only attended one wedding - Kim's. Single people, listen up. I want a chance to dress up and enjoy a wedding, so hurry up, will you? (And before you ask, no, I didnt enjoy mine. Does anyone?) 

7. See as many new places as possible without getting sacked (or worse, Lord & Master getting sacked). 
Options include: 
Go to Africa.Egypt? or Kenya?
Go back to KL for at least a long weekend. 
Go to Bhutan/ Coorg with Vinaya: as promised long long ago. 
Go to the Dead Sea: For the CEO who's dying to go there. Related: Be the wife that accompanies the husband on a business trip...never done it! 

8. Start driving. No, Musings, manual transmission + Indian roads cant get the better of you. Stop being scared. 

9. Scream lesser on the kids! Sigh... 

10. Learn something new, something that intimidates me- dancing? photography? or something else thats more exciting? what? hmmm...need to think this through. 

11. Find more peace with life in India. Be less critical. Right now, India still gets to me and makes me question why I came back and whether I should continue living here. 

12. Resist the temptation to buy a Kindle. i already have too many devices.Convince the Lord & Master to change his phone to a smart phone. No, he doesn't have too many devices. I've been at it for 2 years (or more?) and have had zero success. The man just doesnt listen! 

 13. Host more parties. Somehow, after KL our partying has gone down substantially. Perhaps because not too many like-minded friends where I live or the busy life in Bombay. 

14. Take better care of my body - bring down my weight to 45 (edit: now its a more realistic goal- 48 kg) and maintain it, be more regular with my vitamins, get the toenail infection treated, get rid of the cracked heels, and try for a flatter and tauter tummy. 

15. Leave room to find and copy a goal from someone else. As of now, I've scrolled through all the people putting up HNY messages, but I found nothing interesting that I'd want to copy.