Its a bad time to be a woman in India

Staying at home
Going to work
Going for a movie
Going for an ice cream
Going out alone
Or with girlfriends
Or with men - father, uncle, brother, husband, boyfriend or just friends not safe.
Being educated
Being from the classes
Being from the masses,
....nothing matters.
Being old
Being young
Being bright
Being right no defence.
At night
During day
In a cab
In a bus
Or on a train.
In the North
Or the South
The West
Or the East.
In a dress
or a skirt
In a saree
In a Salwar Kameez.
Whether docile
or confident
Whether polite
or rude
Whether quiet
or outspoken.
Nothing matters. No it doesn't.
Because women still get violated.
Raped, Violated and Killed.
Raped by boys, men and grandpas
Scarred by acids
Maimed by iron rods
Broken into small pieces
either in body or mind & soul.
Used like a pawn
In the name of power
Or revenge
Or honour
Or to teach someone a lesson.
A woman is not safe. Never safe in this country.
Is she to exist like this?
Is this my country?
Please! No!
Shame, Shame and more shame!