As part of Professor's school assignment, he has to make a list of milestones of his life, together with suitable pictures.

This morning I rummaged through cupboards I never open & sorted through pictures of Professor as a baby. The whole experience was unnerving because I'd forgotten so many things - how he looked like a baby, how he smiled... That he was a nicely rounded baby (though we always had dadu fretting that he wasn't plump enough), his favourite toys, his crib, his high chair, his clothes. Things that have been long passed on to friends who were expecting babies. Things that CEO now considers his. That he had baby fat cheeks, that there was a time that he didn't wear glasses... That he was born just 50 cms tall and could fit into the palms of his father. The curious expression on his face during the mundan, or the simple pleasures of sitting in my shoe drawer. Playing with freshly washed clothes; or enjoying a watermelon with juice dripping all over.

Oh how frail is human memory. How is it that I've forgotten stuff that's less than 5 years old...


Anonymous said...

He looks so different now compared to when he was a baby. He is defi thinner and the glasses give a totally different look.

Anonymous said...

In fact, I was thinking the same about your niece Aarti. I saw her in your US snaps and she looks so different from the toddler I saw at your wedding. I have a pic of her and remember your going 'aarti ke two two eyes, two two ears...."
If you look at my baby pics, you would expect a passably pretty girl. It turned out to be a case of cute duckling, adult goose, whatever :)

Anonymous said...

Could you please change the format of your page...You write well, but the format just dont let me complete the read..Pls