Talk about Sensitivity

This morning 8:00AM, Kid #1 is doing some studies (under some SEVERE duress, I must add)

Girlfriend : Mum, Freddie died!
Me : Oh no ! Are you sure ?
Kid #1 : (running) Where ?Where ? Show me !
Girlfriend starts cleaning up...
She & I have a conversation about how kids might me upset...

30 seconds later
Kid #1 : Ma, Can I call Daddy? I have to tell him something important.
Me : Sure, go ahead.
Kid #1 : Daddy, Freddie died. Well, he was very old, you know. More than 2 years old. That's very old for a fish. Daddy, can you get me a new goldfish when you come home today?

Me = Mouth open
Freddie isn't even cold in his grave yet !!!