Having Kids

I was having a discussion with some friends recently on having kids; and here's my two-pence worth.

Having kids, in my opinion, can never be a rational decision - it has to be a totally emotional one. Anyone who's had kids can vouch that having kids can totally disrupt your life.
  • Spontaneity goes for a toss, you can't go pubbing every night, can't work like a dog till 10pm day in & day out ; so there can be no social reasons to have kids.
  • The little monsters are expensive so it can't be a financial decision
  • They often sleep between the parents; or try their best to play one off the other; so it can't be that having kids helps your marriage :)
  • There are no guarantee that they'll take care of the parents, so it can't be investing in the future.
So why do people have kids? Well, because they just want to !

Everything is waived off with "I don't care... I just want a child!"

See? Purely emotional reasons.


Geotacs said...

haha to some extend that's quite true...