Why me?

Every evening, like clockwork, by 5:00 pm, the skies start to darken ominously and then the rain starts. Its not as if its a mild drizzle, its a full blown downpour. You may as well be standing under Niagara Falls. And that implies that no one in their right mind will go out. Since we think we're in our right minds, we're stuck at home.

Its just not fair. I'm convinced that the fates are conspiring against me. 5:00 pm is the time my kids go down to play. It gives me & poor Kaka a break from all the rockin-and-rolling that goes around in the house. But look at us now. We're all stuck in the house with wails of "I don't know what to do. Maaaaaa, I want to do something interesting. That's not interesting. You don't even know what's interesting" and so on.

I've switched the TV on. Thomas & Fireman Sam have been seen & digested; and they're back to ma with questions. I'm upto my neck answering them-
Kid : Why is it raining ?
Me : The clouds overflowed
Kid : When will it stop ?
Me : Hopefully soon
Kid : Can I go down ?
Me : I wish. But No, you can't. You'll get wet
Kid : Why not?
Me : I just told you, you'll get wet. That's not good for you
Kid : Why not ? What will happen if I get wet? Will I fall ill & die?
Me : (talk about worse case scenarios)No, you won't die, but you can get sick, and you'll have to miss school
Kid : I don't mind missing school, can I go out ?
Me : No
Kid : Do you think there will be a flood ?
Me : I don't think so
Kid : But last time there was a flood (PS: There wasn't). I WANT a flood, it will be fun (FUN, huh ???)
Me : No, there is going to be no flood
Kid (whiny tone) :What can I do ?
Me : Why don't you play with your toys?
Kid (more whiny tone) :No, I'm bored. Can I call my friend over ?
Me : (Ya right. As if I don't have enough trouble with 2 cooped up kids that I'll go ahead & borrow more.) No
Kid : You never let me do anything I want. You're not the boss. You don't love me

I need to be rescued. Someone, please make the rain stop & let me take the kids OUT.


Anonymous said...

U can figure out how fed up I am with my work today. As you can see I have visited your blog reading and re-reading the same stuff in the same day for lack of better stuff to do. I hate reviews. Play with kids in the rain woman - no one will fall sick. Its FUN!!! Think of me stuck in office all day. Get drenched, race paper boats in the water (I did that as a kid) and then take a hot shower. You kids will think you're the greatest mama. V

Gallivanter said...

It was raining because the clouds overflowed. LOL! Love the sarcasm! :-)