Here I am

Here I am
waiting for my husband to get back home
waiting to pick a fight with him
waiting to make conversation with an adult
waiting for a suitable time to go to bed
waiting for my little one to wake up & ask for me - he does it every night -exactly 15 min after I've fallen asleep
waiting for my parents' call
waiting to be given a horrible chore
waiting for tomorrow - I get the car on Thursdays :)
waiting for my day as a thankless driver
waiting for people to visit my blog
waiting for people to comment on it
waiting for the time when I get to go back to India - 16 days
waiting to meet cousins I haven't seen in a really long time
waiting to see the look on their faces - you haven't changed one bit
waiting for the complaints from family I don't have time to visit
waiting for my best friend to come to KL - 6 months, may be more ?
waiting to bitch with her
waiting to show-off my new clothes
waiting to colour my hair
waiting to be the answer of a headhunter's prayers
waiting for a good movie on TV
waiting to finish this post

Here I am, waiting...


maidinmalaysia said...

"waiting for people to visit my blog
waiting for people to comment on it"
-- thought i'll lessen your waiting on these two counts, btw.

and lucky lucky going to India. how long are you gone?