The Comments worketh again

In the last week, I wrote a few posts. Now, I don't know if you know this; but my blog only attracts my loyal roomie's attention (PS: I'm happy I have a healthy ego, else this fact alone would have hit me hard and left me traumatized for the rest of my life.) Normally, V leaves a comment. But in this last week, I didn't see a single comment; and I was wondering whether V was mad at me; or worse still, disappointed with the posts.

As it turned out, the poor dear had been trying hard to write a comment; and my blog wouldn't let her. I can of course only blame the template; because that was the other thing I had changed in the last week. So of course I'm not happy. I've wasted a good number of hours trying to delete some code by trial & error (no, I don't know a thing about XML).

As of now, the Comment feature is working, though to comment, you have to really persevere. Please do me a favour; and do persevere. Its good for you, and of course excellent for my ego to be able to read your thoughts on my thoughts, if you know what Imean :)