I have a new signature

I like to play around with my blog. Well, what to do, no one's home ;-)

So, when I googled "signature on my blog", almost all the results pointed me to this cool site My Live Signature.

The best part of the site is that you don't need to register if you don't want to; and still use their services. Oooh, I love you, people. The site is neat. You can choose the font (its a tough choice 'coz there are >100 options available), the colour, the size, the slant. To me, its a neat way of personalizing the blog with a signature that reflects me. Of course, be careful, you could easily spend hours choosing the right one.

I'm good! I finished two signatures for my two blogs in just 30 min :)
So here's what I chose.


Anonymous said...

trial comments

maid said...

nice blog
but the comments section wasnt working when i tried these last few days

Klodian said...

test by deluxetemplates