I'm cranky today

I'm cranky today.

The plumber I've been chasing the past few weeks finally promised to come today. "I'll be there before 10, madam". By 1230 I was getting a little edgy from waiting around and repeated replies of "I'm on my way, madam".

The Plumber finally arrived at 1:00pm. Its 4:30 now. The work is half-done and he's disappeared to "buy some things, madam". There's no water in the house because "must off supply madam, how to work, madam". The bathrooms are all messed up with dirty boot marks - "sorry madam". The kitchen sink is piled up with dishes. My bathroom shower has been completely dismantled; and I dare not start the water supply just in case the house gets flooded. The Security office just called to say they won't be allowing any contractor in after 5:00 pm "for security reasons, madam". The kids want to go out & play; and we can't because we're waiting for the plumber to return...

No! the day is not going well. I'm depressed, I'm angry, and I'm ready to kill someone.

Stay away. I'm cranky today.