I don't like you

Yes, you got that right. I don't like you. I don't.

You guys are so inconsiderate. Here I am, slaving away, struggling to write something witty, something to put a smile on your face, something that will cheer you up (even if its for a short while); and I don't hear a peep out of you.

Firstly, most of you are rude enough NEVER to visit my site. There's absolutely no traffic here. I actually put up a visitor count to see how many people came to visit me. After a few days back, I had to take it off. It was embarrassing to see the count moving in increments of 0. What's up with you people. Can't you see, here I am, this brilliant blogger, just waiting to be discovered. Well? How am I to be discovered if you people don't come visit me, huh? There's only 1 visitor I have - its my old roomie. V, my love, I'm eternally grateful! I 'm going to leave you all the money I (don't) have.

Now, back to you guys. The second reason I don't like you is because you NEVER leave a comment. Please! It only takes a minute to leave a comment. No, not being on this blog is NOT an acceptable excuse for not commenting. I don't CARE how you comment, but please do! Leave a hi; and if you're feeling extra nice towards me, you can choose out of the following options -
a. I like it
b. I love it
c. Dammit, You're a genius, where were you all these days

I'm going to log off now. I'd better see something tomorrow; else I'll have to say this again
I don't like you one bit.


Anonymous said...

Love the new look and love the pic more. Have saved the pic - put it in your FB profile. Ok - how does Sep last week work for you - 21 onwards? I have lotsa hols during that week. Else I'll try Oct. Lemme know.

Doesn't AA read your stuff? I am curious to know.

sirius said...

I think your posts are great, but this blog template sucks bigtime. Go take a dekko at other templates, please. Writing a comment makes the post scroll up out of sight! And the color scheme...puh-leeze...brown!

Anonymous said...

I like you, but I don't like u'r blog format...

sirius said...

Also, do please use spell-check!

S. said...

I choose (c). Thank you for writing. :)