Looking through the Crystal Ball

How I'd like to see my future unfold
  • Grow old together with the Lord & Master
  • Be able to excite each other - physically, intellectually & emotionally
  • See my kids grow up happy & confident to take on the world - much like I was (ahem!)
  • Be healthy & financially independent
  • Be able to read books, watch plays, travel & explore the world
  • Be able to support my kids - not financially but definitely emotionally
  • Have good friends to spend an uncomplicated evening with- don't need too many; but need good ones
  • Be able to maintain the closeness I share with my brothers
Too much to ask for? Should I have said healthy, wealthy & wise?

Hmmm, I don't know; but I think not!


Anonymous said...

Defi agree with the good friends bit. Your the best! V

Anonymous said...

Atleast have some consideration for the people who faithfully check your blog every now and then and WRITE! V