Packing for a typical road trip

It all depends on the duration we'll be in the car. This one is when its a 2-3 hour car trip. You DON'T want to know what I pack when we go on longer trips. All this goes into one bag, which the adults lug around on their backs when not in the car.

Apple - 2 no.
In seperate ziploc bags

Guava - 2 no.
Also in separate bags. With Black salt easily accessible

Grapes - Angoor Angoor!
Definitely not in ziploc bags. They get squished.

Biscuit sticks.
Option 1: Buy 2 sets of chocolate flavour. Advantage : No fighting in the car.
Option 2: Buy one chocolate + one strawberry. Disadv : Both might not want the strawberry. Adv : If one is "borrowing" from the other, he can be caught brown-or pink-handedly.

1 bag + 2 empty containers. Small

1 bag. Use the empty containers already in the bag

Biscuits (Salty) + Indian Namkeen
For Dadu

Water. 4 bottles.
1 Legoland bottle. For CEO
1 bottle with whale picture. For Professor. That way, ma, the water doesn't drop on me...
2 large bottles. For adults. Plenty of paper cups. Sometimes with a pen to write names on.

Apple Juice - no added sugar
For Amma

Coke - Diet
For Husband & Self

Cold Coffee
For self

Coke or Sprite - Regular. Add Yakult, if available.
For kids

Straws. Flexible. Plenty. All colours.

Strawberry Yoghurt. With small steel spoon. Mismatched ones
Actually 2 no. Sometimes Prof wants it too...

Totally unhealthy potato chips
For husband. He's on a holiday.

Poori + Potato + Achar rolls
For the grandparents

Poori +Potato
For Professor

Poori + Don't wan' anything

Leftover of Poori rolls
for Husband

Hand sanitizer.
To clean hands after every possible dirty surface has been lovingly caressed by the boys.

Let's not even count them.

Wet wipes
For the kids to clean their seats with, when they can NOT be entertained with anything else.

J&J Powder, Baby Cream, Comb, Mosquito repellent, Towel.
For you-never-know-when-you-might-need-it. Ma's one cautious lady.

1 set of underwear + pants
For CEO. I got wet. Don' like. Don' like!

2 toys that have been out of sight for a while
Typically, the Matchbox series of cars / airplanes / 'elicopper

1 large garbage bag.

1 dirty rag

Old newspapers

For kids. For adults. To be played in turns.

Loads of it.


Anjali said...

So you are saying Professor does not need spare clothes? That is one neat and tidy chid. :)
What about swim clothes? You never know when it will strike their fancy to jump into sprinklers/baby pools.

ggop said...

I'm going to travel with you next time :)