Off to Mummy, Yay!!!

I'm off to India. To see my parents.
Just wondering... Why is it that even after n years of marriage, to me, going back to my parents house is going home.

Am so excited. Have been counting the days for a while now...9 more days to go

Just 9 more days to

  • sit while the rest of the family gladly takes the kids off your hands
  • not worry whether they've eaten
  • have aaloo parathas, paneer parathas, samosas, jalebis, boondi, upma, poha, idlis, vadas for breakfast
  • have awesome lunches 3 hours after I've stuffed myself with breakfasts
  • sleep in the afternoons
  • chat with my parents
  • lazily look out of the window to see the world pass as I did over 15 years ago
  • wait for dad to bring hot samosas in the evening
  • catch up with friends & family I havent seen in a while
  • hear someone say "Gudda" and know these pet words are for you, and not your kids...
  • eat the mithai that no one else can ever duplicate outside my hometown
  • listen to people exclaim - My God! Look at you! You've become so big; Your kids have become soooo big
  • not have to decide the breakfast lunch & dinner menu
  • have a leisurely bath
  • see the kids trail their grandparents like happy slaves
  • see the grandparents trail the kids like even-happier slaves
  • go back to see my old haunts for food & for shopping
  • marvel at the changes in the city since the last time I was here
  • curse the 2 hour power-cuts and the horrible heat
  • cry and tell mum that I'll NEVER visit during such horrible weather again
  • answer umpteen answers about babies - NOOOO. I'm not having any more
  • be exasperated
  • be cranky
  • be nostalgic
  • be impatient
  • be pampered
  • be loved
  • be at peace as I can never be anywhere else
  • be restored
  • be accepted unconditionally
  • be myself

Aaaah, just 9 more days to go.

9 more days to be the child and not the parent....

When will they pass....