I read this recently

...and just loved it.
"An immaculate house is a sign of a wasted mother"

Political Correctness note :
I did not write this. I have no idea who did. I don't remember where I read this. Once I do, I will put the original author's name here to pass on all the glory associated with it.

Obviously the one who wrote this was feeling the pressure of social conformity. Why is it that everyone who visits your house has to comment on how you keep your home ? Why is it almost a reflection of your social success?

Earlier I was a little more careless and untidy. People who visited my home after I was married would snicker & say- Oh your house is so "lived in". I like untidy homes!!! They feel so goooood and warm.

My home is now much neater. People still can't leave me alone. Once they visit, its like -"OMG, why is your house so clean? How do you manage to keep it with 2 kids? Mine has stuff strewn all over the place...."

Yes the situation is reversed. Just because I have kids, you expect my place to be messy. God forbid if you see a tidy place. Its just not done, is it? Toys & shoes have to strewn all over, walls have to be scribbled on, paint splatters on the sofa, etc etc. That's what you want to see, that is what is normal.

Well, not for me. I'm sorry if I disappoint you.
In the past few years, my genes have probably gone through a metamorphosis. I don't know why. May be it was the pregnancies, may be it was the fact that I inherited a lot of hand-me-downs; or may be it was just fate....I don't know. But one thing is for I can't handle clutter. .

A home is a home. A home is where you feel comfortable. Home is where you can be free. Home is where you laugh. Home is where you cry, you eat, you sleep, you read, you play. Home is where you invite people when you want to be with them, home is where you retreat to when you want to be alone. Whether a home is tidy or not has nothing to do with any of this.

Don't make me self-conscious about it. Messy or not, please leave my home alone.