After I started writing, I sent samples of my writing to some folks asking their opinion. From almost all quarters, i got positive reviews (ya, I'm full of it, aren't I). So gleefully, I land up to hubby....
Me: hubband, me getting good reviews, lah !
He: Well, what did you expect? you sent it to all your friends
Me: So...
He: You think they have a unbiased opinion?
Me: Why not? What do you think of my writing?
He: After being married to you, do you think I can give you an unbiased opinion?
Me: Cut the crap. Is it good or is it bad?
He: that you want me to tell you...
Me: I accept only good reviews
He: Ask me no questions and you shall hear no lies
Me : Bah ! I don't want to know

....Is Praise appreciation? Is Praise admiration ? Or is Praise completely USELESS


Anonymous said...

I would not lie to you, Ritu. Your blog is a fun read! - Daphne-the-ruthless-editor :-D