What's with friends ?

Sometimes, I feel I'd be lost without my friends... My friends are my partners in mischief, my confidants, my coffee pals, my companions and what-nots.

In the last 3 months, I've lost an old friendship, deepened another one; and am in the process of making a new friend... Just thinking about these three persons made me reflect how relationships with older & newer friends can be soooo different.

With older friends, there's the beauty of comfort & of trust; of knowing where you stand; of truthfulness & lack of judgement; and of course of support.

Relationships with newer friends are different. To me, the first few times you try to fathom if you have anything in common... Once you decide there is some potential, then there's that excitement & curiousity of wanting to explore the person; learning more & trying to figure them out; to learn whether this is a transient friendship or one to last forever. Isn't it almost like meeting a man to decide whether he's worthy of becoming a new boyfriend or lover ?

So today I'm left wondering whether old friends are like spouses (they know all your secrets) and new ones are like lovers - you don't want them to know your secrets - not quite yet, anyway!

What do you think...


Anonymous said...

Am like a spouse now :). Am sure that old friendship that you lost is not me.

Know what - Love the fact that you are back to making posts. I have checked daily for last month.


Anonymous said...

A (square) is not going to be happy with you having so many spouse like :) and am sure I am not the old friendship that you lost .... have missed your writings ... keep blogging