A mid-year assessment

Its almost 6 months into the year; and I've been attending Parent Teacher conferences to figure out how my kids are doing in school. I figured I must also do an assessment of my life and set direction for the next 6 months.

So here are the highs and lows of my life in 2009.
- Started my blog
- Discontinued my Mandarin lessons

- Lost my uncle to cancer
- Was thrilled to watch my friends have a long awaited baby
- Swam a width of the pool for the first time in my life
- Saw the Taj Mahal, Sydney Harbour, Fiords, Dolphins, Glaciers and lots of other things
- Saw sides of people like I've never seen before - from graciousness to stupidity to utter pettiness
- After 3 years of quitting, finally put my work related documents in order
- Got the most amazing mother's day card from my son - it said "Thank You for giving me life & birth"
- Got introduced to concert music
- Blew up my only job opportunity in 2 years
- Had a disagreement with my mother which I can still not let go
- Earned 30 ringgits from a cake that I baked
- Started running as exercise to lose weight
- Heard praise for both my kids from their teachers
- Stopped exercising & regained all the lost weight
- Spring cleaned my house; and vowed never to buy trish-trash again

Still way to go. Here's what I still need to finish in this year

- Get a job; Or atleast, sell more cakes for more money
- Resume mandarin lessons
- Buy a new laptop
- Resume running & swimming & LOSE ALL THAT EXTRA WEIGHT
- Have more patience with my kids (PS: This will be hard. I'm ready to scream on one right now)
- Bake less cakes, eat less cakes & pay more attention to my poor teeth
- Take a trip to Paris with Husband


Anonymous said...

Turi luv the way you write ... u need to add to ur list
. visit bangalore and stay with your friend and gossip thru the night

ggop said...

Nice list of accomplishments!
Your body is biomechanically efficient and meant for running - keep it up!
I'm waiting for you to take that Paris trip and regale us with stories. I've only been to sasural in Europe (Ireland) and London. :-(
So I will see Paris vicariously!