25 things about me

For those of my friends who aren't on facebook; this is an entry I posted there as a result of being tagged. I am supposed to write 25 facts about myself.

Since I'm such an interesting person, here's > 25 things about me. Incidentally, though these facts are all true; for all practical purposes, they are absolutely irrelevant to everyone else...

  • I was quite a nerd in school. oh, those wasted years...But still, I knew about movies and gossip more than books.
  • I grew up all over India. The good part is that I saw lots & made lots of friends. The sad part is that I have no childhood friends
  • I never dated anyone other than my current (and hopefully, only) husband
  • I want to get myself tattoo-ed, but sadly, I lack the courage.
  • I read. I can read everything and anything. As a teenager, i read dictionary when I was bored. Now, I read Books, magazines, papers, instruction manuals. Menus (aah, nice!). I have a weakness for cheesy romance novels. I can't go to bed at night unless I read something or do a sudoku/crossword.
  • I can talk a person to death. I could never understand why that should be a problem, till my 5-year old started talking to me.
  • I married my husband hoping he'll be rich. As it turns out, he married me for the same reason
  • I'm shit scared of drowning & of water. I've spent the last 6 months trying to learn how to swim, and I still can't
  • I used to be a morning person; but somewhere along I stopped being that. Now I can barely open my eyes until I'm prodded awake by my husband or sons or both.
  • I can feed my kid, take him for a pee pee, cuddle, read him a story, whatever in the middle of the night while being asleep
  • I believe in god, but not in religion
  • I'm bothered when I see participants in reality shows ask for votes based not on their talent, but where they come from.
  • I have a fabulous relationship with my parents, though I sometimes wish I was closer to my eldest brother
  • I don't have any favourites - in books, movies, music, colour, nothing. I don't think anyone needs to be pigeon-holed like that
  • I really like myself. I think I'm a very likeable person...I also like to laugh, a lot. Mostly, I laugh at myself.
  • I can't drink alcohol - in any form. i think it tastes yucky. It beats me how people can enjoy it so much
  • I wish I could sing or draw. I really really want to; but I can't - for nuts.
  • I think the secret to world peace is tolerance...I am often shocked at how intolerant the world is slowly becoming; and worry about how it will be when my kids grow up. 40 years ago, Afghanistan & Iran were both free, tolerant,independent & thriving ...look at them now
  • I feel Man is a parasite of the worst kind
  • I love food; any food, as long as its vegetarian. I especially love desserts.
  • I think I started travelling too late. I want to travel more, see more, and some more. I am looking for donors to this cause.
  • I think my kids are secretly Chinese. I'm sure they'll marry Chinese girls when they grow up. That's why I'm learning Mandarin.
  • I desperately miss working.
  • I can text message really really fast. You'll be surprised.
  • I love to shop. I'm only constrained by money, never by energy.
  • I'm very opinionated. I can give an opinion on almost anything
  • I don't know a thing about make up. I also don't know a thing about rocket science

Bonus Note: I just started writing. I never knew I had it in me. I love it, but am learning that its difficult to write if I'm given a storyline or framework