I leave work on time.
I get caught in a traffic jam. I am swearing - I want to get home soon.
And I come to the reason for the traffic jam.
Its a snake - at least 2 meters long and 10-12" thick.
It isn't moving. Just lying there. Looks dead.
But no one is taking a chance. No one wants to run it over. I don't blame them. I too drive around it very carefully, hoping something will cause me to stop there so that I can take a picture. Nothing does & I'm forced to drive away.
But my irritation has disappeared, only to be replaced by wonder.
What a majestic creature it was.
How did it land up on a crowded road in the evening ?
Will I ever see a sight like this again in my life ?


ggop said...

Wow Ritu, your life is so interesting!

Arun said...

Glad you dropped in! In spite of being caught in traffic :)


ME said...

that's one of the funny and good things I've noticed about Asian culture as opposed to my more aggressive American culture: animals in the road are respected in Asia, and animals in the road in the US become road kill.