MJ's Funeral

Why hasn't Michael Jackson been buried till now. Its been 2 months since the poor man died. Do you think he would have wanted to be kept this way. Call me old fashioned, but I rather like the Hindu philosophy of getting rid of the body asap :)

Ok boys, so listen up. If I'm dead & you're confused what to do with me; come back here and read these instructions -

  1. Donate whatever you can from my body.
  2. Do NOT wait until my birthday. Please do not bury me (I wouldn't want to get accidentally dug & scare the heck out of a little kid). Cremate me asap. Preferably in a way that is environmentally friendly. Don't worry about the ashes. Junk them anywhere. It won't matter to me, remember, I'll be dead.
  3. Take a holiday - on a beach. You guys liked playing with the sand...but wait ! That's now when you are both sub-5. Do you still like that?
  4. Do not have a tervi. Do have a party.
  5. Get on with life.