Did they tell you this before you had the kids

  • that you'll cry when you hold your baby for the first time
  • or that you'll also cry on his first day at school
  • that you'll re-discover planes, trains, cars, rainbows, moon, stars, pink colour, water, rain, puddles, splashing, fascination for umbrellas
  • or that you'd be delighted with these discoveries
  • that you & your husband will have to sleep on 6 inches of a king sized bed while your 2 -feet tall kid occupies the balance 5 feet 5 inches of the bed
  • or that you'll learn to sleep through a thousand kicks a night
  • that your day will be made just by seeing the kid smile & hug you
  • or that your heart will break each time you ground him
  • that you'll learn the location of every restroom in every mall of your city
  • or that you'll visit the zoo in every city you ever visit
  • that when you travel, you'll take the entire house AND the kitchen sink with you
  • or that travel will be all that you can manage to see between naps, pee-pee & poo-poo breaks
  • that the only skill you'll ever use will be of negotiating - you'll negotiate on TV time, play time, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, sleepovers, veggies, junk food, everything...
  • or that you'll move from using f*** 3 times in a sentence to "NO, I DON'T want you using the word stupid! Its a BAAAAD word"
  • that the best sleep you'll ever have is when your baby is cuddled against you
  • that your social calender will be all about birthday parties, dance classes, pick-ups, dropovers, babysitting
  • that you'll actually be happy you have only boys because girl clothes are just too cute & expensive...
  • that you'll spend more time cuddling your kids than your husband
  • that you'll fret about religion, values, and manners - expecially when the in-laws come visiting
  • that you'll actually learn to cook, just to please your kid ; or that you'll wait anxiously for your kid to say he likes what you cooked
  • that you'll turn into that mum you swore you'll never be like - you know, that one who can't stop talking about her kids
  • or that all your conversations will sooner or later end up at kids
  • that you'll constantly wonder whether you're a good mother

Did they tell you any of this. They sure as hell, didn't tell ME anything...


Anonymous said...

No they sure don't, you discover it for yourself :). Talk to you soon. Love, V

Anonymous said...

Hi Ritu,

They sure as hellp didnt tell me anythign either...I love the way you write and now can easily make my check-list too each time I visit India.


maidinmalaysia said...

you should read this post

Nino's Mum said...

OMG, I'm screaming, if you can hear it in my comment. Every one of these is so true for me, especially the cooking bit. Beautifully written!

Swati said...

Oh well, if they did, would you have listened?

Lotus Reads said...

Right on all counts Ritu! Wait till they become teenagers...that's when the real fun starts! ;)