I can't write

I want to write. I desperately want to write, but I can't. I've been racking my brain for a suitable subject. I've reviewed all my pieces in "draft" form, tweaked them around, and I still don't know what to write. How is it that on some days thoughts flow effortlessly from my brain onto the keypad? On days like today, I sit in front of the screen trying desperately to take words out of my brain, and I obviously am not succeeding if the only thing that comes out is this.

I've shushed the kids, and sent them out to play because they were disturbing me too much. Now the house is empty and silent as a tomb, and I still don't know what to write. is it too quiet? is it too noisy? the music on radio isn't nice. Any other music I play makes me want to sing and not write. what do i do. I desperately needs more number of blogs - i started one about my recent holiday; then about my kids, then about my sex life, and then about my skin... I've abandoned them all.

I think I'll go and make myself a cup of coffee. Half milk, half water, a nice full teaspoon of coffee, no sugar. Heat it, mix it, froth it up....hmmm the thought excites me.

I'm going. Yes I am. Waiting around here isn't getting me anywhere.
Bye. See you tomorrow


sirius said...

1/2 milk + 1/2 water + 1 teaspoon of instant coffee = Bad coffee

Musings in KL said...

No, but then have simple tastes and enjoy instant coffee just as much :-p