Are you happy now?

This is directed to those people kind enough to leave a few suggestions behind. Now, I cant say I dont like you (what a pity, I do enjoy ranting at the world in general).

Now, I don't really understand why my old template got such an adverse reaction. I really don't think its bad, though it did have more features than I knew what to do with (But then that's probably my fault rather than the templates). And so what if its brown. I like brown. Just last week I bought 2 brown skirts...but then you don't need to know that.

Anyway, I do hope you are happy with the new template now. BTW, if you aren't, TOO BAD ! I've wasted several hours on first identifying a suitable one; and then getting "bX-bliced" at Blogger for the better part of 2 hours while loading the template that I wanted (see this). Then, my original template (yes, the one that you guys didn't like) also got corrupted. Can you imagine my plight. The only thought that kept me going was that nothing I chose could be worse than the free templates that Blogger provides.

So here you are...the new look (for the time being - till I figure out how to go to the Japanese Fleur without encountering the bX-bliced errors again).

Wish me luck!